Transmissions For Less Cost

While we at MDC are very aware of how expensive the cost of rebuilding a transmission may be for our customers we want them to rest assured that we spend their money like we would spend our own money, which is very conservatively. We use quailty parts and offer (on most rebuilds) a warranty of 12 months or 12,000 miles on the parts that we replace. We have found in the industry that some shops will under quote a price on a rebuild only to surprise their customer with the final bill being hundreds of dollars more than was quoted. We at MDC give a quote on a general overhaul and then explain what the general overhaul includes. We further explain that  it is impossible to know the damage inside of the transmission until the unit is disassembled and then at that time we can assess the damage and inform our customer of any additional cost if there are hard parts damaged that is not covered in the general overhaul. This process seems to work well for our customers so before the final day to pick up the vehicle they know exactly what is due.