Mike Cole, Owner

        Mike has worked as a professional automotive technician for over 30 years. After completing his enlistment with the USMC , as an engine mechanic on F-18 fighter jets ,in 1987 he was hired by Lockheed Martin in Atlanta and worked  briefly before being laid off. At that time he was hired by Ed Voyles Oldsmobile in Atlanta and was trained as a transmission technician. He worked at Ed Voyles for approximately 5 years then , due to the long distance drive everyday, decided to become self employed and built our on auto repair shop. After 3 years of working as an entrapeneur, Mike was called by Ed Voyles Buick and offered a job,as a transmission tech, to good  to pass up. He endured the long drives again for approximately another 2 years before being approached by Jasper Jeep In Jasper Georgia and was asked to be their transmission tech. Closer to home and more money, Mike accepted the job. He remained at Jasper Jeep for 3 years. In 2003, MDC Consolidated,LLC was opened and Mike once again decide that self employment was best for both he and his family.

       MDC is an automotive repair shop that prides itself on providing quality  and affordable service. Although Mike is primarily a transmission tech, he is also well trained as a diesel mechanic and in all areas of auto repair. We work by appointment so that our customers vehicles are not sitting on our lot for weeks before being attended too. When a vehicle comes to MDC, our process is to diagnose the problem, then contact the customer first before any money is spent to confirm customer approval with price. Once approved, the repair begins and car is returned in a prompt matter. Mike works on local vehicles as well as having many customers come from out of town for his service. Your  business will be greatly appreciated at MDC, Please call us today!